Sports, Music & Entertainment Partnerships

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PSP & BRG: A New Time For Cannabis Brand Exposure

We are proud to announce our partnership with Professional Sports Partners, an elite live events, sports, music & entertainment branding agency.



PSP will become experts on your brand, category and the competition to execute a game plan that will achieve data-driven goals.  They determine the most effective and creatively impactful path to integrate your brand and the wellness benefits of cannabis. The culture of live events, sports, music, and entertainment has built some of the most powerful brands in the world and is now available to the cannabis industry.




As cannabis brands look to grow by taking advantage of mainstream marketing opportunities, it is imperative to partner with those not only culturally aligned, but also experts who are connected and prepared to navigate the evolving space.  


By tapping into their vast compliance knowledge and network, BRG can help close the gap between cannabis and mainstream by providing third party validation of brands, as well as regulations strategy support.